Aerial Theatre

Puja! creates a grand entrance into urban landscapes through the use of distinct disciplines all integrated into one show, comprising: Theatre, Circus, Dance, Vertiginous Sports, Architecture, Engineering, Multimedia and Live Music. Since 1998, has presented its shows in festivals, fairs and tours around the world.

Since then our shows have been performed in over 20 countries (Singapore, Canada, State of Israel, Mexico, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan ) including big events like the 2006 European Athletics Championship´s Opening Ceremony at Göteborg, Sweden, that was broadcasted on live TV reaching more than 250 millions viewers.

Astonishing choreography by acrobats at over 120 feet of height, that will make the audience experience the most exciting performances ever.

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Inspired on the master piece by Miguel de Cervantes

Coincidiendo con el 400 aniversario de la muerte de Miguel de Cervantes, Puja Teatro Aéreo presenta su nuevo montaje basado en el viaje interior de Don Quijote de la Mancha y su fiel escudero. Con un despliegue técnico nunca antes explorado por la compañía así como un incremento a nivel dramatúrgico.

Nuestro Quijote es un héroe. De hoy en día o de ayer. Es un soñador y es guía, guía necesaria en un mundo en crisis y dormido en valores humanos.

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On Lewis Carroll´s "Underworlds"

An aerial visual performance that changes the sky into a magic land where everything is possible and where every image is an impulse to make people dreaming about to fly.

Based on “Alice in Wonderland”.

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A molecular ritual, a cosmic dance...

We seek to captivate the energies of the chosen location and its consequent meanings, through the sequential fusion of desires, poetic experiences and movements

...A long-awaited celebration which floats, sustained by the public´s presence.

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